Plenary Council – 17th June 2pm-4pm

This gathering is a time for all catholics to meet to openly discuss the future of the Catholic Church in Australia. It’s a time for parishioners to be able to comment freely about the strengths and weaknesses of the Church, and to consider what our parishes, and our Dioceses can be doing to support the growth of the Australian Catholic Church in the twenty-first century.
In our parish we are blessed to have many people with many and varied talents, people who are answering the call of their baptism by generously sharing their talents and time: people
who are living their faith.There are many parishes around our wonderful country – with all these dedicated caring catholics, praying and talking with each other about the future of our Church, we’re in for an exciting time ahead.
Hopefully, all parishioners will come and let us know how they’re feeling about our Church.