Welcomers’ Report.

At every Weekend Mass a number of Parishioners volunteer

to welcome people as they came to Mass, our Eucharistic Celebration. They welcome each person and give them a copy of the weekly Bulletin, and other items relevant to the Mass for that Sunday. Our welcomers are there representing the parish, and it’s marvellous to be met with welcome, friendliness and inclusion.

The Bulletin has the relevant Parish information for that week as well as the Readings for the Mass, it is the main source of communication in the Parish.

Welcomers are rostered on a monthly basis, their role, being a friendly welcome to all, to help parishioners be comfortable to take up the Gifts of Bread and Wine, to assist where necessary and are a wonderful personal contact with Parishioners and Visitors.

We welcome everyone and it is always pleasing to welcome new comers to our Mass, hoping they feel at home in our St. Michael’s Church and find their participation rewarding and memorable.


Come and join us at ST. MICHAEL’S.