Please come along and listen to Bishop Mark Edwards on Thursday 21st February at 7:00pm at Sacred Heart Hall, 265 Commercial Road, Morwell. Supper, tea and coffee are provided.
If you are coming, please let the parish office know 5174 2060 to assist with catering numbers.

Bishop Mark is one of the auxiliary bishops in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, currently ministering in the western region. In 1980 he was ordained a priest on 16thAugust 1986. He self-identifies as a missionary and wants to help us be more effective in our reaching out to our society. A teacher for many years in Oblate Colleges, Rector of the Oblate Seminary and lecturer at Catholic Theological College, he has a background in Philosophy, Mathematics and Physics.
He was consecrated Bishop on 17th December 2014. He is the Episcopal Vicar for tertiary education and Youth. Bishop Mark will be speaking on the topic of The Age of Authenticity.