“For these sacristans, that the preparations they make for the celebration of the Liturgy
may remind us to prepare our hearts for worship …… Book of Blessings #1853

The Sacristan’s role is a Ministry which dates back many centuries in the history of the Catholic Church. A Sacristan works behind the scenes – both before and after a Liturgy takes place.

The Sacristan’s main role is to ensure that everything required for the celebration of Mass, or for the celebration of a Sacrament or any other special Liturgy – is set out and ready for use. This includes lighting candles etc.

Following each liturgical celebration, the Sacristan then returns the books used, the sacred vessels and all altar linen to their particular storage place within the Sacristy. Sometimes, the Sacristan may also need to purify and clean the sacred vessels. Any Altar linen used – Corporals, Purificators and Finger Towels – may need to be set aside for appropriate laundering.

At St Michael’s, Traralgon, we have a small, dedicated group who faithfully participate in this Ministry every weekend. We are very grateful for their faithfulness to this Ministry.

We welcome others who may like to join in and assist us in this Ministry. Newcomers are offered training and are fully supported until they are confident in the Ministry.

If you feel called to be a part of this Ministry, please contact:

Fr. Aju Vaghese , Phone: 03 5174 2060

or ……

The Sacristan Co-ordinator on 5174 2060


“The Sacristan …
diligently arranges the Liturgical books,
the vestments
and other things that are necessary
in the celebration of the Mass
…. GIRM 105a


I am setting out the vessels, Lord
I’m reaching for cups and plates, jugs and bowls.
Now they are empty
But soon they will hold the bread and wine
that will become Your Body & Blood.
Make me a vessel, Lord.
Open my heart and make me ‘You’ to all I meet today.